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Department’s Location


Attention : At this time, we are moving  to the area of Voutes, at the new facilities of the Department.

Please follow the link  : Map & Directions

Τοποθεσία Τμήματος




The City of Heraklion

Heraklion is nowadays the largest urban district as well as the capital city and the greatest economic hub on the island of Crete. It is a city where life pulses and people rejoice at the exquisite pleasures of cosmopolitan living. Heraklion is an enchanting city despite its apparent architectural chaos. The streets and the squares, the Town Market and the Venetian Port, the museums and the Cathedrals, the commercial shops and the taverns, all make up an exciting place where almost anything can happen. The signs of its long and sorely tried past are conspicuous to visitors and town-dwellers. Heraklion has managed to assimilate all the major shifts of history and to proudly display its sharp contrasts in the form of a mysterious and marvelous amalgam.


Photos of the facilities and laboratories


FORTH (45)