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Cloud: Ευλογία ή Κατάρα; Προκλήσεις κατά την Κατασκευή ενός Πραγματικού, Μεγάλου, Υβριδικού Cloud


Cloud: Blessing or Curse? Challenges in building a Real, Large, Hybrid Cloud

Cloud computing is often touted as the solution to many challenging problems, from overprovisioning and resource underutilization to data-center optimization and carbon emission reduction. However, the hidden costs of cloud, largely stemming from the complex and difficult system administration challenges it poses, are often overlooked. Reaping the fruits of cloud computing requires the enterprise to adopt new infrastructure design paradigms, re-architect applications, navigate scalability limitations, revamp traditional operational practices, aggressively manage performance, and achieve unprecedented cross-silo collaboration. Cloud is not a curse: it can bring material benefits, but only to the prepared.