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Αθανάσιος "A.K." Καλέκος - Athanasios Kalekos, "A.K."

Athanasios Kalekos, "A.K." as he is known in the Valley, brings thirty years of executive management and venture capital experience to Odyssey Venture Partners ( http://odysseyvp.com ).  Odyssey Venture Partners invests in Greek information and communication technology (ICT) start ups addressing global markets.  Odyssey specializes in helping "early stage" companies reach customers and partners around the world, and "seed stage" companies prove their business ideas, develop early customer references, and produce fundable business plans.   The 'Odyssey JEREMIE Partners' fund is the largest venture capital fund exclusively focused on ICT investing in Greece.

Kalekos' operating experience spans product R&D, marketing, general management, corporate officer and CEO responsibilities with Computervision, Xerox, Mentor Graphics, Cadence Design Systems, CoWare, and Conformiq, Inc. His seminal experience with Cadence --which he joined during its pre-revenue stage in 1985 and by the time he left in 1997 had reached over $1B in revenues-- gave him a lasting love for the startup experience.

As general partner with Telos Venture Partners, a Silicon Valley information and communication technology venture firm, A.K. focused on the emerging internet market opportunities for business to consumer and business to business solutions as well as the technologies that enabled the internet infrastructure. He invested in and held board positions in companies like: Khimetrics, Conduct, VPNX, Intraspect, Coventor, Theta Microelectronics, and YY Technologies among others.

A.K. is known for his ability to develop simple strategies for complex market and technology environments, straightforward marketing and business development approaches, and his mentoring and motivating skills. His current interests are focused on software applications that redefine the value chain in specific industries and vertical markets and the infrastructure technologies that enable such applications.

Kalekos holds a BSEE degree from Lafayette College and an MSEE degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He is a member of IEEE, and several other professional societies.