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Stories of Thriving Entrepreneurship

 (mostly in Canada, but some also in Crete)

Steven Lamb, Serial Entrepreneur, Toronto, Canada

Friday, 8 November 2013, 13:15 - 14:30

Amphitheater B, Computer Science Dept. Building, Voutes Campus


The speaker will share his experiences from his University times to the present day,
where he is starting his 5th entrepreneurial venture in Toronto, Canada,
as well as from his recent collaboration with researchers in Crete.
He will discuss his journey from his early stumbles to his later successes,
and also comment on Greece's and Crete's prospects  in ICT.

Biographical Information:

Steven Lamb is a successful serial entrepreneur, who brings a broad range of
strategic positioning, management skills, and leadership experience.
Steve has a wealth of success, but his current passion is in developing
data storage companies that target medium to large corporations.
Steve is currently launching his fifth start-up, having been a founder and/or CEO
in each of the previous four, which collectively have sold for approximately $ 300 million.
Steve holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering (1990: Eng Sci – Electrical option)
and a Master of Science (2004: Physics) both from the University of Toronto, Canada.