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Anthony Savidis


Professor of Computer Science, University of Crete

University of Crete
Department of Computer Science
P.O.Box 2208
Knossou Avenue
GR-71409 Heraklion


Affiliated Researcher to ICS-FORTH
Institute of Computer Science (ICS)
Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH)

N.Plastira 100, Vassilika Vouton
P.O Box 1385
GR-70013 Heraklion, Crete, GREECE

Phone: +30 2810 391749
Fax: +30 2810 391740
E-mail: as@ics.forth.gr


Anthony Savidis is a  Professor in the Department of Computer ScienceUniversity of Crete and a researcher in the Human Computer Interaction Laboratory of the Institute of Computer ScienceFORTH.


Research Interests


His research interests are in the broader area of Programming Languages, Software Engineering and Applications:


  • Integrated design and implementation of novel programming languages (compiler, virtual machine, std libraries, debugger, IDE)
  • Software engineering of adaptive, automatically generated, distributed, and pervasive User Interfaces
  • Integrated design and implementation of novel game engines (smart characters, game object system, structured terrains, procedural content generation and multimodal input)


Participation in Recent Research Projects


  • OASIS (Grant Agreement no. 215754)
    "Open architecture for Accessible Services Integration and Standardisation"
    IP, 1/1/2008 - 31/12/2011
    Location-based Mobile Museum Guide
    1/6/2006 - 30/10/2008
  • InterLink (Contract no. 34561)
    "International Cooperation Activities in Future and Emerging ICTs"
    1/10/2006 - 31/3/2009
  • ASK-IT, IST-2003-5111298
    "Ambient Intelligence System of Agents for Knowledge-based and Integrated Services for Mobility Impaired Users".
    IP, 48 months (2004-2008).
  • MICOLE IST-511592
    "Multimodal collaboration environment for inclusion of visually impaired children"
    STREP, 36 months (2004-2007).
  • INTUITION IST-507248
    "Virtual reality and virtual environments applications for future workplaces".
    Network of Excellence, 48 months (2004-2008).
  • DELOS IST-507618
    "Digital Libraries ".
    Network of Excellence, 48 months (2004-2008)
  • IST 2001-38833 - D4ALLnet
    "Design for All"
    Network of Excellence, 36 months (2003-2005).


Brief CV


Anthony Savidis holds a PhD from the Department of Electronic Engineering, University of Kent at Canterbury (UK), with a Thesis in User Interface Programming Languages and Software Engineering of Adaptive Interactive Systems. He is a Researcher at the Human砲omputer Interaction Laboratory, ICS芳ORTH, and Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Crete, in the area of "Programming Languages and Software Engineering".

His research interests fall in the broad domain of Programming Languages, Software Engineering and Applications with most recent work relating to: dynamic untyped object-based languages (the Delta programming language), circularly and openly extensible IDEs (the Sparrow IDE), software engineering of dynamically distributed User Interfaces (the Voyager toolkit), location-aware information systems (the Mercury platform), and multimodal tabletop games (the onboard! game engine).

He has extensive experience in the development of large-scale systems (has written more than 500K lines of code) and in the application of extreme programming, design patterns, architectural patterns, meta-programming and defensive programming.

He is in the steering committee of the current ERCIM working groups on Software Engineering for Resilient Systems (SERENE) and Software Evolution (EVOL), as well as in the former working groups on Rapid Integration of Software Engineering Techniques (RISE), User Interfaces for All (UI4ALL) and Smart Environments and Systems for Ambient Intelligence (SESAMI) that he co-chaired.